Will knee spoil summer?

Was looking forward to the summer...Had started cycling to work after the winter and planning long bike trips, prepared the golf clubs for finally some real usage and both football with mates and work was moving from indoor astroturf to real grass, then I go and blow...

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Planning Poker

Attended a estimation seminar yesterday morning. Some fluff, but being exposed to the theories and practicalities of Planning Poker ...


Viet Nam

Back from two weeks in Vietnam, cycling from Saigon to Hanoi.Fantastic country, brilliant people, too many motorbikes!In the heat th...


New everything

New Job, new house(soon), new country(well return to old)!We have moved back to Norway, Oslo to be precise. Its a great summer, not ...


Mostly offline this summer

Been mostly offline all summer. Well it is summer after all, but also because of moving house, jobs and country.Not being in your ow...


30th + leaving do

Im 30 years old this month, so I am commiserating with a party. It will also be a leaving do for me and Chloe as we are leaving Manc...



Finally moving back to Norway.12 years abroad, so its probably nothing like the rosetinted memories I have. But should be interesting.


Just good music

Last.fm is a great idea. Uninterputed real music. No babble, no ads, just good music.And it gets better and better as you tell it wh...



Okay, I followed the flock and joined flickr. It is pretty sweet.But think Ill keep using my coppermine album at foto.flurdy.com.


Got Dugg

My postfix howto got dug at digg.com. Seems they were mostly concerned with the GNU/Linux comment though...