Ivar Abrahamsen

Software Engineer

Hampshire, United Kingdom

  • Developer then Tech Lead then Architect then Manager, now Consultant/Contractor.
  • With Java then Scala and then a little Rust. And everything in between.
  • From racks to AWS to Kubernetes.
  • From waterfall to Scrum to Kanban to Lean to whatever works.
  • From multinational enterprises to unicorn startups.
  • From Telecoms to Finance to Game Studios to Media and back.
  • Still is an Open Source wannabee hacker at night.

Essentially really good at receiving a message, spliting it, joining it and sending it elsewhere.

Most of the blog posts are about technology and some about sport. All posts are very biased, based on little facts, unfiltered, non-pc, and eventually outdated...

Ps. I rant a lot more on Twitter than I blog.