I dont care what you did yesterday, I trust you

A daily stand up is not a status update.

It is not a tool for micro management.

It is not a opportunity for line management, middle management,  project management and other stakeholders to scrutinise status of anything.

It certainly is not a stage to interrogate the work ethics of individuals.

A stand up is for the team,
synchronise on what will happen today,
making sure tasks at the top are moving along to done
and to assist others(swarm) to ensure WIP blockers are removed .

Stakeholders and others can watch standups, it gives them a quick overview of the priority of the team, any impediments etc but it is not for interfering or performance scrutiny.

The board should reflect status at other times. Otherwise the project owner/scrum master can inform people what the backlog priority is.

Any micro status of what happens between the backlog and done is not for external stakeholders.

TL;DR We do not care what you did yesterday. We trust you. You would not be in the team if we did not. Lets focus and help each other on today's task instead.


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Unfortunately, most of the times its just another status meeting with questions like "why wasn't it complete yesterday?" in a rude tone

12 Jul 2013, 20:02:00
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