Heroku commands & tips

I wrote a quick howto of Heroku commands and tips I use all the time.

It covers creating instances, configurations, common add-ons such as databases & email, deployment strategies and more.

As mentioned in the document I tend to have multiple applications per project, so I always append --remote staging for example, resulting in this long deploy command:

git push staging master && \
heroku logs -t --remote staging; \
heroku open --remote staging && \
heroku logs -t --remote staging

For the eagle eyed you will have noticed the ";" which means as the log tailing never really finishes, when you notice the app is up and running you have to manually end it with control+c to proceed with opening up a browser.

Obviously these commands ties nicely into my use of Play on Heroku and the howtos I wrote on integrating both.

They are perhaps obvious commands and basic but I hope they are of use to some people.

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