Continuous Deployment via Stack Overflow

I do have an interest in Continuous Deployment/Continuous Delivery. Continuous Deployment goes beyond Continuous Integration and automatically deploys builds to production all the time, not once in awhile. It goes well with agile thinking.

With frequent deployments the delta that can go wrong is very small, the feedback is very quick and the knowledge is fresh and active with the developers so fix turnarounds are immediate. By relying heavily on automated integration testing and DevOps that provide automated deployment the result is quick and painless.

This week I answered a difficult question on Stack Overflow. The question by Emwee was for advice on how to use Continuous Deployment with multitude of inter-dependant systems.

It is a tricky question and I did not have an exact answer. My answer was more along the line of how to facilitate an easier deployment by making the dependency and coupling looser and roll-outs smoother.

I referred to Duck Typing, Feature toggles, evolution scripts, version tables, symlink stage & deploy, and referenced a Hacker News discussion on how Amazon deploys their systems, a video on how Netflix builds releases in the cloud and how at IMVU they deploy 50 times a day.

I also referred to Humble and Farley's book on Continuous Delivery.

There was another reply as well by EricMinick referring to his previous answer to a similar question. Eric does in detail describe scenarios of using promotion builds into different isolated test environments and suggest solutions that his company UrbanCode provides in relation with Jenkins.

In the end Continuous Deployment is a great evolution. But with large enterprises you need to keep your tongue straight. But it is worth the investment.

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