InfoQ Presentation Video Enlarger

I like Infoq, and especially their presentations.

These presentation page has 3 elements:

  • Top left: One small video showing the person presenting

  • Top right: One small window describing the presentation and presenters

  • Bottom: One large window showing the actual presentation slide

This layout works very well, and basically shows you what you need.


The window is a bit small (320x240), especially on larger resolutions screens. Especially when the presenter also shows some code, which is usually shown in the video window.

So I wrote a little user script which enlarges this video window (480x320).
This script is only for the Google Chrome browser. A similar Firefox based GreaseMonkey script should be easy to convert.

To install click on my
InfoQ Presentation Video Enlarger user script available at

You can download and look at the js in a text editor first.It really is a very small and easy to understand script.

Anyone can contribute changes if desired.


Comments below were made on a legacy Blog, before move to current Blog (February 2019)


Seems my version no longer works. I have uploaded the code to github. Feel free and fork

21 Dec 2011, 16:42:00
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