Recommended Android apps

This is a list of Android apps I use and/or recommend. As Android Market is quite a user unfriendly especially when it comes to actually find apps, distinguish quality from copycat rubbish, regional relevance etc so I hope it is of use to some people looking for tips or reviews.

All these apps are free as I live in Norway, and Google Market does not allow paid apps in Scandinavia or most of the world. Great policy.... :(

  1. Touiteur. My prefered Twitter client

  2. Locale Useful tool that changes settings on your phone depending on different conditions. I use it to lower my ringtone at work, change autolock to off at home, turn of volume during the night, switch on wifi at home, reduce brightness in evening.
    Note: Locale is no longer free so no longer recommended

  3. Wave Secure Security app that can remotely locate you lost/stolen phone and do various things such as play a ringtone to locate it, backup data or even wipe / disable the handset.
    I no longer use it as it is trialware and was worried about battery consumption.

  4. Remember the Milk I just would not function without my rmilk controlling my life

  5. Dolphin A browser. Quite useful. Not 100% switched to it from the stock one, but give it a try.

  6. Spotify Music streaming. Can't live without it.

  7. PlayNow by SonyEricsson. Music, games and app store by Sony. Quite a good selection of music. Included with my X10

  8. MediaScape by SonyEricsson. Media Photos/Music/Videos organiser and viewer. Works very well. Included with my X10

  9. TimeScape by SonyEricsson. Social and communication tool. Neat, but some scaling issue with social tools (Twitter/Facebook). Included with my X10

  10. 1881 Mobilsøk who is calling lookup tool in Norway. Works with all numbers so far.

  11. Listen by Google. My Podcast listener. Use it all the time for my JavaPosse addiction

  12. Places by Google. Very usefull lookup of local info eg resturants etc.

  13. SayMyName text-to-speach announcer of who is calling. I like it even though it really can't pronounce my sister's name: Hege

  14. SMS Popup Handy SMS previewer

  15. Compass by Google. Does what it says on the tin.

  16. SkyMap by Google. Keep forgetting to actual try it in the dark...

  17. MyTrack by Google. Cycling/Hiking route tracker.

  18. MyCityBikes Quick usefull information on how many bikes / places available city bike stands around Oslo (and perhaps others)

  19. Delicous Usefull to bookmark e.g. twitter links to look at later.

  20. Facebook yup, does facebook.

  21. Opera Mini Nice browser, but I stil use the stock Androind browser or Dolphin.

  22. TrackId by SonyEricsson. Like Shazam identifies music tracks by listening to them. Never really used either in practice. Included with my X10

  23. CallFilter Enables ignoring unknown callers.

  24. Trafikanten Excellent tool which suggest bus/tram/tube/train travell in Oslo by position and real time data.

  25. Layar Ads information about the area in your vicinity / camera view

  26. AutoLock Customises when your Android handset is locked (require pattern thing to unlock)

  27. Moxier Mail Use it to read my work Mail via MicroSoft Exchange ActiveSync

  28. Moxier Calendar Use it to read my work calendar

  29. Moxier World handy little weather tool

  30. Shopper by Google. Nice for demos but too US centric to be useful

  31. Goggles by Google. Nice for demos but too US centric to be useful

  32. Gesture Search by Google. Neat but never really used it practice

  33. Maps by Google. Included with my X10 and probably all Android handsets?

  34. Navigation by Google. Does not work in Norway

  35. Gmail by Google. Included with my X10 and probably all Android handsets?

  36. Google Talk by Google. Included with my X10 and probably all Android handsets?

  37. FourSquare Works well, although hard to add new places.

  38. Apollo Task Killer My first task killer. I use this one as my continously running auto killer

  39. Advanced Task Killer My other task killer. Which I on demand kill tasks. If you only need one, I prefer this one over the first one.

  40. Quick settings (with lowercase s) by SonyEricsson. Very handy and pretty widget for toggling wifi, bluetooth, gps and sound. Included with my X10

  41. Quick Settings handy widget for changing brightness amongst others.

  42. Currency Converter Usefull with nice charts as well. Could do with quick left/right switch button.

  43. Autopilot for Locale. Uninstalled when Locale became unavailable.

  44. WisePilot Its trialware and expired before I really used it. Included with my X10

  45. Youtube by Google. Not really used much. Nice for demos but not in practice. Included with my X10 and probably all Android handsets?

  46. eBuddy Multi channel chat client. Not used too much since Google Talk is already included with Android.

  47. Scoreboard Not used too much yet.

  48. Ringdroid Not used too much yet.

  49. ConnectBot SSH tool.

  50. Astro File manager.

  51. ES File Explorer

  52. StopWatch

  53. Unit Converter

Apps I miss from my old iPhone:
  1. TV2 Live Norwegian TV station have an app for football score updates and commentery with live video higlights

  2. Skype No Android version.

  3. Weather app. The Android version is unstable.

  4. Kindle Think I could read some books on my 4" X10 screen

  5. Not an app, but a webpage of iPhone compatible web sites. An Android version would be good!

  6. Doodle Jump

  7. SMSBank Handy little tool to see the balances of my accounts

  8. Notes

  9. NRK Radio

  10. Twitter nae Tweetie Touiteur is pretty good though.

Apps/Features I miss:
  1. Google Voice Not available outside the US

  2. Data Roaming Toggle widget

  3. Better keyboard I switch languages a lot, which was easy on the iPhone, but too many clicks in Android

  4. BBC iPlayer Region restrictions

  5. More useful Google Latitude/Foursquare/Gowalla I am only interested whom I know in the neighbourhood, and not on demand; I want to be told.

  6. MultiSIM! Hardware, but would love to switch between my Norwegian and UK SIM cards on the fly

Apps/Features I think exist but havent had time or found yet or is a paid app:
  1. Amazon ec2 console

  2. Jira overview

  3. Google Earth

  1. Air Control Addictive!

  2. Android LightSaber Compulsary

  3. Blow Up (LITE) Fun, but limited levels

  4. Chess

  5. Labyrith Lite Once calibrated it worked well.

  6. Pinball

  7. Quadrapop by SonyEricsson. Included with my X10

  8. Sodoku Free Works well

  9. Trap Quite addictive

  10. Tux Rider

  11. ThrottleCopter Simple, hard, but good.

  12. R.Thunder Lite Looks nice.

  13. Armadillo Roll Looks nice.

  14. BreakTheBlock

  15. SpeedForge 3D

  16. Space STG Galactic...

  17. Defend Homeland....

  18. Play Curling

Need to distinguish somehow how much I recommended the various apps...

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