Ubuntufying Jira

This will eventually be published here: flurdy.com/docs/jira/.

But meanwhile Ill edit a draft here:

Ok. Ive "finished" the document. Please read it on my website.

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Below is my initial draft howto, but a much more up to date version is on my site.


I want to install and run Atlassian's Jira, as it is just great. Especially as I many moons ago had paid for the $10 starter pack for Jira and Confluence

I want to install and run it on an Ubuntu server.

Downloading the standalone version of Jira works very well. Atlassian has very thorough documentation of every step and issue possible.

But I want to be different... No I just like the idea of Ubuntu/debian's package system and obeying the FHS recommendation of file locations etc. So I decided to modify the download from Atlassian:


Install Jira as recommended

Launch Ubuntu (Follow flurdy ec2 docs for tips on using Ubuntu & ec2)

Install java:
sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jdk;
sudo update-alternatives --config java;
sudo echo JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun > /etc/profile.d/java.sh;
sudo echo EXPORT JAVA_HOME >> /etc/profile.d/java.sh;
sudo chmod +x /etc/profile.d/java.sh

Download jira standalone

Extract and move Jira
tar xzf atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.0.1-standalone.tar.gz;
sudo mkdir /opt/atlassian;
sudo mv atlassian-jira*-standalone /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1

Add Jira user
sudo /usr/sbin/useradd --create-home --home-dir /usr/local/jira --shell /bin/bash jira;
sudo chown -R jira:jira /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1

If you are not interested in seperating the file locations etc, then you could now run Jira by launching
sudo /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/bin/startup.sh
But I prefer not to...

Makign the install more FHSish

Create folder for changeable data
sudo mkdir /etc/opt/atlassian /etc/opt/atlassian/jira;
sudo mkdir /var/opt/atlassian /var/opt/atlassian/jira;
sudo chown jira:jira /etc/opt/atlassian/jira /var/opt/atlassian/jira

Move logs
sudo mv /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/logs /var/log/jira;
sudo touch /var/log/jira/atlassian-jira.log;
sudo chown jira:jira /var/log/jira/atlassian-jira.log;
sudo ln -s /var/log/jira/atlassian-jira.log /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/atlassian-jira.log;

Link configurations
sudo ln -s /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/jira-application.properties\

sudo ln -s /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/log4j.properties\

sudo mv /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/conf\

sudo ln -s /etc/opt/atlasiian/jira/tomcat\

Edit configuration and enter Jira home
sudo vi /etc/opt/atlassian/jira/jira-application.properties;

Move the database
sudo mkdir /var/lib/hsqldb;
sudo mkdir /var/lib/hsqldb/jira;
sudo chown jira:jira /var/lib/hsqldb/jira;
sudo ln -s /var/lib/hsqldb/jira\

Move non static tomcat files
sudo mkdir /var/opt/atlassian/jira-tomcat;
sudo mv /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/work\

sudo mv /opt/atlassian/jira-4.0.1/temp\

sudo ln -s /var/opt/atlassian/jira-tomcat/work\

sudo ln -s /var/opt/atlassian/jira-tomcat/temp\

Init script

Copy Atlassian's init.d script

Jira port

Follo Atlassian's port page.

Apache proxy

Using elements from my own tomcat+apache howto and Atlassian's Apache page

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