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I used to write blog entries more often, whenever I had something on my mind that I wanted to rant about. Although prevously never a frequent blogger , lately I have blogged less and less.

Why? Twitter.

Before I would write pages and pages of mostly repeating rants. Now I restrict it to one twitter tweet (or two). And quite frequently...

But my long rants are now gone, or very rare. Maybe that is a good idea.

So what if any are the pros and cons of this "evolution":

* My blog is not filled with rants.
* I twitter a lot.
* My rants are to the point, not filled with reiterated jibberish.
* My grievances are shared with more people.

* I twitter too much?
* I rant more often.
* My blog is never updated.
* My twitter rants have no detail, or reflection.
* The threshold to rant is lower, and often rant needlessly, before I can rethink and research my issue.

And I presume this has happened for other people as well.

Funny, since the people behind [1] [2] blogger are some of the founders of twitter. Killing their own lovechild?
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