I can recommend the HP W2448hc24" screen

Got the HP w2448hc 24" lcd screen a few months ago. And I am very happy with it. It has a built in webcam, speakers, usb ports and microphone.

I was warned by reviews of the glossy screen. But I have not noticed it at all! The screen is very clear and colourful, with no reflection. Then again I am not using it by a window or in a bright office, just in my home office.

The webcam works well in Skype. Clear and bright. The microphone is a bit quiet, but useable. Since the webcam is hidden in screen frame it does not stick out so lookwise it is really good.

The speakers are fine, but I think I'll eventually re-plugin the old speakers, as the screen speakers is not that loud and no bass. And also when the screen goes into power save the speakers go off as well, which is not handy if listening to radio or expecting Skype calls. But 3 months have passed and still using the screen speakers so they must be fine.

The screen is supplied with VGA and HDMI cables, but no DVI cable although it does have a DVI port. I am using the VGA for now, as my card does not have HDMI. But if I come across a spare DVI at work I might use it, as they are too expensive to buy outright.

Even with minor faults I can highly recommend it. Basically as a screen it is very good. And it looks good too, which was important as it is in a desk corner in our lounge.
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