Snow? Oh my god!

So England was and is again shut down due to snow. I don't get it.

I do however get people looking for an excuse to have the day off to go sledging!

The reason/excuse for the chaos, with people not going to work, buses not running, schools shut, etc, is that they are not used to snow. Bollox. Really, having lived 15 years in England, I know they get snow every year, and many times a year. Not meters of it, but a few inches. And every few years they sometimes get nearly a foot of snow.

Off course the amount depends on where you live. I lived in Manchester and we had snow frequently. Not loads and usually melted quickly, but the hills around was always snow capped winter time.

They should follow BBC's 10 ways to cope with snow.

With the amounts lost business hours, they could afford a few more snow plows and snow socks for the tires. It seems some places are less affected as they are prepared, parts of Scotland, hills in North England etc.

I did live a few years in the Peak District, an area with snow every year, and people are more used to snow than others. But even there people make basic mistakes.

I remember one time my dad and I was going to Manchester I think, and it had snowed. And people were sliding all over the place. When we came to the hill at Winnats Pass, police was out trying to slow people going uphill down! Insane. So we simple overtook everyone that was stuck and strewn across the hill and got up in no time. Wonder how many of the others actually made it up the hill... I do remember the angry looks and hand gestures from the other cars. :) Not our problem they can't drive.

Then again, not to be a hypacrite, there is snow chaos here in Norway on the day of the first significant snow fall usually in November. But the result is only people being delayed getting to work. The next day everything is back to normal as people have quickly swapped to winter tyres and snow plow and gritting people are on active duty.

Oh well, at least it is ammusing.
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