too much sports!

I do too much sport.

Not that looking at me that would be your first impression, :) but sometimes I think I do.

Clarification: I don't play sports 24/7 anymore. But I am interested in and pursue too many sports. And no, not just as a spectator, but active participant.

As a kid I would play all sports all the time. I would play football (soccer) once or twice a day, I would play ice-hockey all winter, I would ski, swim, etc at any oppertunity etc.

This continued with a lot of football and hockey throughout university. Large quanteties of beer and kebabs at university, followed afterwards with no time due to work, technology and girlfriend meant my physical shape no longer reflected a sporting interest...

But my moan today is that I still do too many different sports, and I enjoy them all, and I do none often enough to get good at any of them. Im not bad at any sport, but not great at most.

Once a week, which in reality works out to twice a month, I still play football, mostly 3-a-side indoors, and now also floorball (innebandy).

Before I changed contract to down the road I used to cycle to work. Now it is only the occational trip at weekends.

Squash, played twice this month. Before that it was two years.

Tennis, got the gear, used to play a few times a year. Last time: two years ago.

Ice hockey - go skating a few times a year, no-one to play with anymore....

Rollerblades - Go 5-10 times in the summer, which are brief in Norway.

Kayak - did beginners course last month. Loved it. Cant imagine Id go more than once or twice a year.

Sailing - still waiting to get round to do my beginners course.

Climbing - ditto

Downhill skiing - More now I live back in Norway. About 4-5 times during winter.

Crosscountry skiing - An option again now Im in Oslo. 3-4 times a year.

Jogging/running - finally a sport I don't enjoy. but get dragged along. about once a week at the moment, hoping to cut down to once a month.

Gym - stopped paying membership when I moved.

Keen on any other sports as they come along: badminton, basketball, (beach) volleyball, surfing, snowboard, you name it.

So in the end its all different sports every time, and a long time between each time I do the same sport, so I don't think Ill make the olympics. :)
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