Off to javazone!

JavaZone is on again next week. Complete geekfest, but I still enjoy it.

Tend to be very excited the first day, attending most presentations and then start missing a few the second day which is the last day. Spending more time in the stands chatting to companies, trying to blag freebies instead. The first evening also has social events in the evening, which Ive avoided before, as it seemed quite geeky and I was new to this country. Also last year clashed with a football match, which I went to my local pub to watch instead. But suppose Im a geek as well, and Ill have a few pints at least, especially if they are free..

Back to work afterwards I am usually very keen to try all the new technologies and methods.
A few days later dissapointed that I wont have to time investigate most of them.
And a week or two later, forgotten most...

But I do usually pick up something, which does improve my abilities, and then usually able to apply it to work. If not immidietly, I usually apply it to some of my hobby projects instead. Which then usually I reuse at work sometime later, when a new project starts. So I think the two days of non invoicing is worth it in the long run.

Excited to hear or even meet people which work you read on the net. People from Springsource, Google and Sun et al. Last year it was good fun to see the JavaPosse people, listen to Matt Raible, who's work always seem to encounter the same issues I have.

Attended several Mule presentation's last year(2007). Including one by Ross Mason himself, although the one by two guys from Atos Origin, Jos Dirksen and Tijs Rademakers, was much more useful. But even though I think it is a great product, I still haven't had the time to implement it anywhere yet.

Wish those damn 36hour days would soon be standard...
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