groovy maven netbeans jetty facebook spring

Time to rewrite my old wishlist facebook application.

The old one (v3.x) dont work anymore as the web services are gone, I took them offline many months ago. The new application will use the wishlist 4.x web services running on

Tech stack for this project will be:

Language: groovy.
Build tool: maven.
Web server: jetty (maven plugin).
IDE: netbeans (6.5, with groovy plugin and maven plugin).
Framework: spring (+mvc and WebServices).

So really, only groovy is new compared to the other wishlist projects, but it will be nice to see groovy interact with them.

Already hitting some snags with groovy, maven and netbeans. Seems to be a few posts on how to use netbeans and groovy, or maven and groovy, but not all 3 together.

May at some stage try grails.
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