Lunatic politicians over Oslo parking permits (beboerparkering)

Oslo Kommune, my local council, have some time ago agreed to launch a parking permits scheme( Beboerparkering). Up till now the residential areas of the city have enjoyed free curb side parking. The scheme may start at the end of the year.

I have lived and visited many places with such schemes, and they have always been exceptionally limiting, and a real nuisance, especially to guests. So I am really annoyed the council have agreed to this.

How can people and politicians be so blinkered?! I keep reading articles, interviews of people on the street, and no one seems to think this is a bad idea, and no one is asking the obvious questions. Will this improve their parking problems? No it wont!

I was surprised most political parties supported this idea, not just the petulant spoilsports of SV and KRF, but all large parties on the left and right. Suppose it is a sneaky way to grow their coffers and ban people from the freedom of cars.

I live on Industrigata in Majorstuen in Oslo, which is part of the initial trial area. It is an area very close to the city centre and has a popular shopping street, Bogstadveien, going straight through it.

The parking situation up till now:
* Free curb side parking.
* During day time, busy but some available parking spaces on every street.
* In the evening, impossible to find a space, average 20-40 minutes search, especially if you work late.

Reasons for permit scheme:
* To stop commuters parking here during office ours and then walking to city centre.
* Allow local residence parking.

Details of scheme:
* Charge for permit. Initially 300kr/year.
* Limited permits, for residence only.
* Need permit between 09-17 weekdays and 09-15 Saturdays.
* Visitors can stay for 2 hours at any time.

So what does that entail?

* More free spaces during daytime. Which means unemployed and pensioners can park. Great. Do they need a car?
* Shoppers targeting specific shops will still be able to park.

* No change for the evening. Will still be as chocker full as before.
* We now have to pay for parking. What is to say this charge will not increase?
* General shoppers are now unwelcome, if it is not a brief visit.
* Tourists whom drive are now unwelcome.
* Businesses resident in the area are now unwelcome, even if they get a few permits.
* Visitors are now unwelcome, if it is not a brief visit. Staying over is not an option, even if drinking.
* Will encourage more residents to drive to work, as they may not have permit to park both cars during daytime.
* Commuters will now park in another area, causing more congestion in that area.
* Residents with no permits, or 2nd car owners will have to park in next door area, causing more congestion in that area.

This is what the blinkered people don't realise. They will NOT be able to park any easier as it will still be full in the evening. This is because in the evening it is 99% residents whom are parking. The outsiders is negligible at this time. And there simple is too many resident per car park space. And a scheme will not change that.

The only way that there will be noticeable more spaces in the evening, is if the residents themselves wont get enough permits. And that is not a good solution. That is beating the locals with a stick.

And enforcing commuters to not park in the area, is not a good idea. Yes some misuse the free parking, but others actual work in the area, need to drive due to kids/distance or poor public transport options. Not to forget they usually leave some business behind by popping into shops in the area on the way home. And blocking them out is not needed as there are spaces available during daytime.

And I don't even own a car!


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Nei til beboerparkering

Få bort unødvendig byråkrati og skattlegging av bilister.

Vi betaler tross alt nok i årsavgift og bompenger for bruken av bilen. Står bilen parkert, forurenser den ikke.

-Hvem betaler for administrasjon av beboerparkering?

-Driften/tømming av betalingsautomater?

-Hvor mye vil gebyret øke for hvert år?

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Faks - postmottak: 23 48 20 01
E-post: [email protected]

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12 Aug 2009, 23:25:00
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