I am sometimes worried about myself (or perhaps human kind ).

Real issues and problems, like wars, famine, murders etc while it is obviously really bad for the people concerned, and I do have some sympathies, ( and its interesting in a news sense), but it does not really upset me. Ok, I am not cold harted and do get involved, sometimes.

However little minor everyday things really ticks me off. Like being overtaken while queing in a car or shopping queues. Or how general things annoy me, like how my fellow Norwegians are quite cold and rude, my former fellow Englishmen are quite ignorant. Or that Norwegian SV politicians really pisses me off as most things they say and do generally is trying to make most people's life worse, in a quite sadistic and petulant way. Or when the people above/next door have their bass on slightly too loud, never mind people being slaughtered in Georgia/Sudan (or wherever my biased one-sided news channel reports it from), but the extra noise is really bad...

Or in a more selfish example, when e.g. encountering a Romanian beggar on the streets, I am not upset enough that an EU country can have such huge problems with social differences and discrimination of minorities, I am however annoyed that they are allowed into this country, do not work and disturb me. Terrible, I know.

In the local news, a car parking permit scheme is about to be introduced in Oslo, and that really got me annoyed how blinkered people and politicians are. And I don't even have a car! Think that will be another blog post.

Lately as a techie geek, another minor thing have annoyed me. Firefox 3 new ACHTUNG ACHTUNG alert for self-signed certificates. Think will be another blog post as well.
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