Netbeaning again

Return of the lost child...

Been an Eclipse devotee for several years now. But have recently returned to NetBeans. I was using netbeans before eclipse, but changed as eclipse offered more and faster development. (And JBuilder, Kawa, jedit in ancient time before then...)

Been really impressed with NetBeans 6.1, it has really moved on from 4.x range I was using, and the 5.0 version I last checked out.

First impression was how well maven works within netbeans. In eclipse the m2eclipse plugin does somehow works, but is cumbersome, and always something is a pain. In netbeans, the mevenide just works. Plain and simple. It just works as it should do, with full module structure, easy usage, seem fully integrated with the rest of the ide. nice.

In general netbeans is a lot clearer and cleaner, eclipse interface is very messy and cumbersome.

So Ill be a Sun slave for awhile now, till the next new better thing arrive...

( looking through my blog, it is becomming more and more geeky. oh well. :) )
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