Firefox extensions

Arent Firefox extensions fabulous? No? Oh. you got a life...
Anyway for the rest of us, they are.

Here are my favourites, I dont always install all of them on every machine, but quite a selection every time.

  • Fast dial:
    essential, such an eye candy. and usefull.

  • bookmarks:
    new firefox 3 bookmarks, are nice, but i use several machines, several users, several profiles, sometimes not firefox, so syncing bookmarks is key.

  • faviconizeTab:

  • Web developer:
    Must have for web developers. Suprisingly I use it much anymore, so Ive realised I just dont do much frontend coding anymore.

  • Firebug:
    Like web developer, good css/ajax debugging tool.

  • Foxyproxy:
    Not recommended for everyone, but nice work extension to automatically alter which proxy you use. (In case they monitor how much time you "research on the net".

  • ie tab,
    if in windows, even less reason to ever click on e!

  • quick java:
    quick buttons to enable/disable java

  • NoScript
    essential security tool, a bit overzealus.

  • pwdHash: handy.
  • adblock plus:
    if some adds annoy you, or as i often encounter, slows your pc down to a grind if you tab open 5-10 news articles with lots of flash adds....

  • remember the milk for gmail:

  • twitterfox:
    nice not essential

  • facebook:
    nice not essential

    Nice idea, but lacks some configurability, so needs to mature a little.
    Tab scope:
    Nice, but not that usefull,
    Tab sidebar
    Very nice
    Ctrl Tab Preview
    If only it was updated to FF3

  • google preview:
    just usefull, not essential.

  • Split Browser:
    Handy viewing some side by side. A bit buggy last time I used it.

  • firegpg:
    nice, if only people would care about encrypting emails...

  • google toolbar:
    used to always install it, not bothered in the new firefox 3

  • foxtrick:
    if you play hat trick, then foxtrick was essential, and is still usefull.

  • modify headers
    if debugging web apps .

  • gmail notifier
    if you dont have an external one.
    works with google apps.

  • Elasticfox:
    Essential if you use amazon ec2 alot

  • S3 fox
    Handy amazon S3 browser.

  • google browser sync:
    Very handy, but discontinued for firefox 3.
    Syncing many things, but the element I used was passwords.
    very usefull as i use many machines, often reinstalling firefox,
    and dont want to remember every password.
    downside was privacy, but id rather trust google,
    than some 3rd party i dont know. (better the devil you know)

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