Another JavaZone finished. Two full days of geektime, but fun. Stressfull, as there were too many simultaneous presentations. But it is well planned, with a lot of renowned presentors.

Best presentations was:

* Tijs Rademakers and Jos Dirksen showing how to use Mule in a easy to follow style.

* James Coplien debunking some agile myths.

* Matt Raible comparing web frameworks.

My hands have been itching for a chance to test some the new tech and methods. A vaccine jab at the doctor today killed all that though!

ClubZone, the evening entertainment, while looked good on paper and probably a lot of effort to plan, was a disaster. The problem was the Norway-Greece footy match. Fitting 2500 people (okay probably some were not into football ) into the only place that showed the match was never going to work. So my group all went home to catch the second half. No free beer for us.

Now how can I introduce Mule into our stack, without a special need for it....
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