Will knee spoil summer?

Was looking forward to the summer...

Had started cycling to work after the winter and planning long bike trips, prepared the golf clubs for finally some real usage and both football with mates and work was moving from indoor astroturf to real grass, then I go and blow up my knee!

So now Im hobbling like a muppet, with a knee which the doc recon may be jumpers knee combined with inflamed joint fat pads. Nice. However I hope that is the only problem as it is treatable.

Its not only sport thats affected, but also weekend trips and every tasks are restricted, so its not fun for Chloe either. But that may be mostly due to my winging.

Its been a month since I injured it and the kne had started to get better. We travelled to Gothenburg at the weekend, and it was no problem.

But yesterday I stupidly decided to walk home from work. Walk was fine, and I was starting to get optimistic about playing footy soon again. Then as popped into a shop it "clicked" and I was in total agony again. Depressing.
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