Play! 2.0 in IntelliJ IDEA

Play! Framework 1.x supported creating an IntelliJ IDEA project by the command: play idealize.

However while Play! Framework 2.0 is in beta that command does not work**.

So how do you get your Play! 2.0 project to open in IntelliJ IDEA? There are few different work arounds. Especially regarding integrating sbt.

However I have a quick way. For this to work you need both Play! 2.0 and Play! 1.2.x installed.

Create Play! 2.0 project:
/usr/local/lib/play-2.0-beta/play new helloworld
(I am assuming it was a Java project that you chose)

Rename project folder:
mv helloworld helloworld2

Create Play! 1.x project:
/usr/local/lib/play-1.2.4/play new helloworld

Create IntelliJ project:
cd helloworld;
/usr/local/lib/play-1.2.4/play idealize

Move IntelliJ files to Play! 2.0 project:
cd ..;
mv helloworld/helloworld.i* helloworld2/

Remove 1.x project and rename 2.0 folder:
rm -rf helloworld;
mv helloworld2 helloworld

Now you can open IntelliJ and then go to file/open project, then find and open helloworld/helloworld.ipr.

There will be some issues such as libraries etc but this a good start. For further tips try these suggestions.

** As of 11th of January 2012 it is not present in Play! 2.0. I fully expect Play! to create an idealize, eclipsify, netbeansify etc as soon as 2.0 is stable.


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For Scala and sbt projects follow this:

19 Jan 2012, 17:59:00

And as I predicted, with the release candidate of Play 2.0 there is now again in buildt support for Intellij.

Simply type play idea to create the IntelliJ module. More at

20 Feb 2012, 00:42:00
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