Monday, 21 December 2009

Setting Spotify proxy settings when logging in

My problem:

* Installed Spotify for the first time on work machine.
* Work has very restrictive default proxy, which bans Spotify.

Thankfully being a developer in IT we know of a few more leniant alternative proxies....

Further problem:

* When launching spotify you need to log in with no option of defining the proxy to be used.
* And the error message just say unable to log in.


* Unplug the the network cable

This prompts an error message with allow you to change the proxy settings.
Remember to plug in your cable again!


Anonymous said...

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Tony Heywood said...

Thats a nice tip! I use a <a href=">UK VPN Provider</a> to get past the spotify gate keeper when I am outside the UK on holiday but this might be easier in the long run!

Tony Heywood said...

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Quintin T. said...

Try using a VPN rather than a proxy.
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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks.

chicago colocation said...

Wow! I know that this is a huge problem that involves intricate datas. I laughed aloud when I see the solution.

MisYahd said...

Laughing out loud here on my seat. Yes! The best solution for annoying proxy configuration is unplugging the cable to reset it.
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uk vpn said...

I don’t know if you are aware of the fact that your IP address can be seen by others whenever you visit a website, and with that information, they are able to see your location. Also Internet providing companies restrict what websites you can visit when you sign up for their service. I think no one should be able to tell me what to look or not look at on my own computer. Their job is to provide me with a good connection, and as long as I pay for it, why do they care what I do? For all this reasons now I am using VPN Services to hide my IP address and surf the Internet anonymously.

uk vpn said...

VPN is much better solution then Spotify or any other proxy.

David Warner said...

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