Doh! Server is down

Bugger, think my server has gone down. Its an Amazon ec2 instance, and been up for awhile. But now it cant be reached, not even within their cloud. Tried to reboot it via elasticfox, no luck.

Never got time to make the disk persistant, with the new Elastic Block Store. Doh! Again.

Havent synced to S3 for a while, probably months. Doh! 3rd time.

Don't think Ive lost much critical stuff. All changes are gone, but google cache may retrieve some of it. All logs is also gone, and any recent changes to application databases...

And my subversion server was on the same server. Doh! 4th.

Wish I could afford to run more than one instance on ec2, so that I could spread load, seperate concerns and not have a single point of failure which kills everything!

Better start to get another server up and reconfigure it. But not sure when Ill get the time. But I also wont receive any email till then as it was also my email server!
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