Saturday, 19 July 2008

Netbeaning again

Return of the lost child...

Been an Eclipse devotee for several years now. But have recently returned to NetBeans. I was using netbeans before eclipse, but changed as eclipse offered more and faster development. (And JBuilder, Kawa, jedit in ancient time before then...)

Been really impressed with NetBeans 6.1, it has really moved on from 4.x range I was using, and the 5.0 version I last checked out.

First impression was how well maven works within netbeans. In eclipse the m2eclipse plugin does somehow works, but is cumbersome, and always something is a pain. In netbeans, the mevenide just works. Plain and simple. It just works as it should do, with full module structure, easy usage, seem fully integrated with the rest of the ide. nice.

In general netbeans is a lot clearer and cleaner, eclipse interface is very messy and cumbersome.

So Ill be a Sun slave for awhile now, till the next new better thing arrive...

( looking through my blog, it is becomming more and more geeky. oh well. :) )

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Firefox extensions

Arent Firefox extensions fabulous? No? Oh. you got a life...
Anyway for the rest of us, they are.

Here are my favourites, I dont always install all of them on every machine, but quite a selection every time.

  • Fast dial:
    essential, such an eye candy. and usefull.

  • bookmarks:
    new firefox 3 bookmarks, are nice, but i use several machines, several users, several profiles, sometimes not firefox, so syncing bookmarks is key.

  • faviconizeTab:

  • Web developer:
    Must have for web developers. Suprisingly I use it much anymore, so Ive realised I just dont do much frontend coding anymore.

  • Firebug:
    Like web developer, good css/ajax debugging tool.

  • Foxyproxy:
    Not recommended for everyone, but nice work extension to automatically alter which proxy you use. (In case they monitor how much time you "research on the net".

  • ie tab,
    if in windows, even less reason to ever click on e!

  • quick java:
    quick buttons to enable/disable java

  • NoScript
    essential security tool, a bit overzealus.

  • pwdHash: handy.
  • adblock plus:
    if some adds annoy you, or as i often encounter, slows your pc down to a grind if you tab open 5-10 news articles with lots of flash adds....

  • remember the milk for gmail:

  • twitterfox:
    nice not essential

  • facebook:
    nice not essential

    Nice idea, but lacks some configurability, so needs to mature a little.
    Tab scope:
    Nice, but not that usefull,
    Tab sidebar
    Very nice
    Ctrl Tab Preview
    If only it was updated to FF3

  • google preview:
    just usefull, not essential.

  • Split Browser:
    Handy viewing some side by side. A bit buggy last time I used it.

  • firegpg:
    nice, if only people would care about encrypting emails...

  • google toolbar:
    used to always install it, not bothered in the new firefox 3

  • foxtrick:
    if you play hat trick, then foxtrick was essential, and is still usefull.

  • modify headers
    if debugging web apps .

  • gmail notifier
    if you dont have an external one.
    works with google apps.

  • Elasticfox:
    Essential if you use amazon ec2 alot

  • S3 fox
    Handy amazon S3 browser.

  • google browser sync:
    Very handy, but discontinued for firefox 3.
    Syncing many things, but the element I used was passwords.
    very usefull as i use many machines, often reinstalling firefox,
    and dont want to remember every password.
    downside was privacy, but id rather trust google,
    than some 3rd party i dont know. (better the devil you know)