Friday, 10 February 2006

Eclipse WTP Howto

The Eclipse web tools project seems to have matured enough so Ive started to switch to Eclipse from Netbeans (sort of).

Ive always prefered Netbeans as it is aimed at java web developers and works as such straight away. Eclipse with its huge following needed too much tweaking, immature/costly plugins etc to get there so I never bothered before. With each iterative Netbeans just got better and better, version 5 is so integrated with Ant, Tomcat, Jboss et all so makes web app development so easy.

However now that WTP has reached version 1.0 I thought I'd check it out again. And I was impressed. Ant integration is good, not quite netbeans level, but different.
Tomcat integration is good, and standard web tools is perhaps better than netbeans.
Im still not 100% happy with it though. The project structure is not as configurable, the tomcat sync does use my ant scripts to include libs and confs. But impressed.

In the end I created a quick howto on installing Eclipse WTP in Ubuntu.

I still recommened Netbeans 5 for all web app developers, however Eclipse WTP is getting there.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial and also your comments on comparing NetBeans and Eclipse for Web development. Very appreciated !