Friday, 25 November 2005

Breezed up

Finally got round to upgrade to Ubuntu's latest version, Breezy Badger (5.10).

Received my CDs from ubuntu/canonical ShipIt service, so that made the upgrades easier, even though I had downloaded the Iso.

First impression is not much has changed, which is good as Hoary was good before. Starting to notice nice little tweaks, like lineakd now looks integrated, sony laptop buttons works better, nicer boot up splash screen, etc.

So I got no excuse not to update my postfix howto now...

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Data missuse

Found while searching google on my name, that apperently I like "3D Golden Warrior"! Never heard of nor played the game, nor can I imagine that I ever will.

I have however downloaded Sensible Soccer, so looks like they missuse their customer data. So basically dont trust! (Though it was I used)

BELAY THAT ORDER! I have spoken to the site and it is all a simple mistake. Basically my user id was an old one and so got two accounts interlinked. Simple db error. Ive made the same mistake several times myself, when the genrator gets reset or dbs merge... So they are not so bad after all


Started the 4th edition of my howto on setting up a postfix mail server in linux.

Ubuntu, the distro it is based upon has released a new version, so the howto needs updating. Also integrating postgrey, an excellent spam reduction method. And try to include some fixes and tweaks from last time.

Also started to encourage people to use the ubuntu forums, instead of contacting me regarding the howto, as I have weeks of unreplied messages to look at....

Found this page on, nice to get praised some times!